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Hot Spoon Preserves

Founder Diana Smedley has been experimenting with flavor combinations and learning the art of modern preserving since 2010. Fast forward to 2020, Diana has created a line of preserves that highlight regionally grown produce and gives back to the planet. Her passion for preserves, love of seasonal produce, and a zest for composting has been channeled into Hot Spoon Preserving.

“My one non-negotiable is using peak-season, regional produce. I care about supporting our local farmers, and the whole reason to preserve is to preserve the best produce possible! For me that was a no brainer, it’s why my products taste extra peachy or melon-y.”

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Hot in the kitchen:

Hot Spoon preserves peak season produce from farms within 30 miles of their Lancaster County kitchen. Fruit goes from farm to jar within two days! They handcraft fruit spreads, conserves, and chutneys in small batches using simple, fresh ingredients.  Hot Spoon creates exciting flavor combinations such as Peach + Lavender fruit spread, Melon + Pepper spread, and Green Tomato + Nectarine chutney that are meant to be used in the home cook’s everyday kitchen life.

You can always add on Hot Spoon Preserves to your weekly Lancaster Local Provisions order, or ship nationwide through their website!

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