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Celery Root: About & How to Cook

I felt very bold putting celery root in this week’s box. It may look scary, but under it’s hairy skin lies pure white flesh. Celery root might even become your new favorite root veggie!

Celery root, or Celeriac, is the sister of familiar stalk celery and is grown for it’s root bulb. It has a delicate celery flavor, and is wonderful in soups or roasted.

How to store: Keep in the veggie drawer of your fridge or in a closed container.

How to prep: Simply peel the skin and you are ready to go.

How to use:

  1. In a soup with carrot, onion, and chicken.
  2. Mashed with potatoes.
  3. With potatoes in a breakfast hash.
  4. Whole roasted, basted in butter.
  5. As bonus in latkes or potato pancakes.

It pairs very nicely with potatoes…

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