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How to Clean Mushrooms

Today, I have beautiful shiitake mushrooms to clean. The enemy of mushrooms is excess moisture because they are porous and are natural sponges. They will soak up any extra moisture they come into contact with.

If you wash them in the sink with running water, all that water is being soaked up by the mushrooms. You will end up with soggy shrooms and they will not caramelize and crisp when you cook them.

How to Clean Mushrooms:

The mushrooms we have in the Marketplace are very clean already. All you need to do is take a damp towel and wipe away any dirt particles you see. If the bottoms have dirt you can’t get off, just chop off that bit. Try this method and see how quickly your mushrooms brown.

Another quick tip: don’t crowd the mushrooms! Leave the mushrooms to brown in a large pan, so all surface area touches the cooking surface.

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