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Star Ingredient of the Week: Spring Garlic

Say “Hello!” to Spring Garlic, our Star Ingredient of the Week!  Also known as Green Garlic or Young Garlic, it’s basically garlic that hasn’t fully matured. It got its start as a result of farmers thinning their garlic fields, it’s become a crop in its own right.  You’ll see it start popping up at farmer’s markets starting in March and sticking around until May.  And you’ll see it in various stages of growth: with a barely discernible bulb, a small bulb or even a larger bulb with cloves.  No matter how it looks, it’s DELICIOUS! It can be swapped into any dish that calls for mature bulb garlic. 

Spring garlic will stay fresh for about a week and should be stored in the refrigerator in a tall glass with some water in the bottom (or wrapped in a damp paper towel, in a plastic bag).  To prep, simply wash off any dirt and begin chopping! Added bonus, right?  You can use all the tender white and green parts and save the dark green leaves for adding texture to a dish or making stock  (or use them to add flavor to a soup…just pop them in whole, like a bay leaf).  

To help incorporate it into your everyday cooking, know that it has a more delicate onion flavor profile with notable garlicky attributes…vampires beware.  The longer it is allowed to grow and develop, the more classic sharp and rich garlic flavor will shine through.  Also, keep in mind that one stalk and bulb of spring garlic is roughly equivalent to a small onion or a leek, or one clove of mature garlic in a recipe.  Use it raw on top of salads or in dressings.  Braise, roast, cook or sautee with it…it’s great with any pasta or rice dish and can be your secret flavor ingredient to perk up sauces. 

A few recipes featuring Spring Garlic:

Get spring garlic now while you can…it’s only in season from March – May!

-Johnny Kat