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Cherry Tomato & Basil Bruschetta

The first tomatoes of the season have arrived! It may be cliche…but I had to make bruschetta. It’s so simple and lets these beauties shine. I prefer a light vinegar instead of balsamic because I find it’s heavier flavor tends to overwhelm. You do you…

How I make summer bruschetta:

  1. Take a handful of cherry tomatoes and slice in half or quarters, depending on their size. Toss with a splash of lemon vinegar and oil, season with salt & pepper. Add some fresh herbs in there too!
  2. Toast some crusty bread, even better pan fry some bread slices in olive oil…but the toaster does the trick!
  3. If you’re feeling cheesy, spread a layer of goat cheese or ricotta onto your toasty bread.
  4. Simply spoon the tomatoes on your bread and enjoy.

It’s so simple, so satisfying, & one of my favorite warm weather go-tos.