Recipes, This Week

Let’s talk BLT…M

I’m not going to tell you how to make a sandwich, I’m going to tell you how I’d go about it.

Bread: Crusty Maple Oatie Loaf or a good Sourdough

B: Crispy County Bacon or Pan Fried Shiitake Mushrooms for a Plant-based option

L: Mixed greens or spinach, tossed with a dash of Aronia berry vinegar

T: Beefy Brandywine or Cherokee Purple (always store your tomatoes out of the fridge)

M: Fresh Mozzarella…I like a bit of cheese on my BLT, but that’s just me

Sauce: Mixed a bit of mayo with some garlic paste and smear it on!

Toast bread and cook bacon. Smear mayo on bread, both pieces. Layer filling. Enjoy sandwich.