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Five-Spice GingerSnaps

I have fond memories of baking ginger molasses cookies with my Grandma Joyce. She knew they were my favorite cookies, so we always made them together. I’ve given them a bit of a upgrade by adding Chinese Five-Spice to & using raw sugar to roll them in before baking. I love how the large chunks of sugar glisten!

Kohlrabi Schnitzel

What is schnitzel? It’s traditionally a thin piece of meat that is breaded and fried; however, there is no reason you can’t schnitzel your veggies! My vegetable goal this year is to get people to love kohlrabi, so I figured a good place to start is by slathering it with deliciousness! However, I’m baking these instead of frying to make them a bit lighter and pairing them with yogurt and fresh tomatoes to cut through the richness.