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Asparagus, Scallion, and Beet Top Frittata

You can put anything in a frittata, even your beets greens! I love that this week’s beets can do double duty as a veggie and a green! What you need:  About 2-3 cups fresh beet greens A handful of asparagus, cut into bite sized pieces 1 bunch scallions, diced Spices, I’m using herb de provence 8 eggs ½ cup yogurt or milk Oil, Salt & pepper YOur favorite cheese, I’m using Chevre Preheat oven to 350 F In a cast iron skillet (or other ovenproof pan) heat a glug of oil over medium high. Place all the asparagus pieces in the pan, so that all have contact with the bottom surface. Let cook, undisturbed for about 3-5 minutes until they begin to caramelize. (if you have very thick stalks, cut the pieces in half lengthwise.) Toss scallions  into the pan. Cook until scallions become soft, about another 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs and yogurt (or milk) together. Season with salt & pepper. Add about a ½ tsp of seasoning and add in the beet …

Star Ingredient: Asparagus

This week’s Star Ingredient is Asparagus. It’s got quite the reputation for being fancy…it’s at all the right parties, it definitely stands out from other veggies and it has quite a past but once you get acquainted with these nutrition-packed easy-to-cook green spears of deliciousness you’ll be having asparagus at your place for dinner, too!