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Radish, Turnip & Spring Garlic Hash

I love a breakfast hash! It’s always in my recipe rotation at home, and I wanted to make a version that really says SPRING. You can use any combo of turnip and radish…even toss in rutabaga if you dare. If you don’t have spring garlic, you can use spring onions, garlic scapes, or even 2 cloves of plain ol’ garlic. Served with a fried egg on top, you’re in for a treat!

Radish Top Pesto

Radishes are part of the cabbage family, and are closely related to arugula. Look at the leaves, don’t they remind you of arugula greens? The best way to store a bunch of radishes is to cut off the leaves and store them separately. You can add the tops to spice up your salads, or my favorite, make a spicy pesto!