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Massaged Kale Salad with Lemon & Avocado

I’m on a mission to get people loving kale! Most people think they don’t like kale because they haven’t had it properly prepared. It’s such a versatile vegetable you can throw it in soups and stews, bake it, sauté it, and even eat it raw. By massaging raw kale, you break down the fibers making it easier to digest and more pleasant to eat. 

You can massage kale in advance and store in the fridge, it won’t wilt if it’s dressed like lettuce will. Just add the avocado when you’re about to eat! I keep handy to throw into my grain bowls for lunch. 

What you need: 

  • 1 bunch kale, stems removed
  • Salt
  • Oil 
  • Lemon Juice (half a lemon) or Vinegar
  • Pepper
  • Optional: Cheese & Avocado

Remove the kale leaves from the stem. You can do this by running your hand along the rib (or stem) and gently ripping the leaves off. Please watch the video. You can then chop the kale into strips. Or I prefer to rip the leaves into bite sized pieces. 

Now sprinkle a pinch of salt and dash of lemon juice or vinegar on to the kale, then massage with your hands. (You need the salt and acid to help the fibers break down.) You want the leaves to turn a darker green color and become smaller than when you started. I massage until I’ve reduced the volume by about a third. You will feel what’s right for you.

Time to dress the salad. I use a 2:1 ratio when dressing a salad. 2 parts oil and 1 part acid. In this case I’m using lemon juice for the acid, but you can use vinegar. Salt and pepper to taste, remember you used salt at the beginning. Then toss with grated cheese. Top off with chunks of avocado, and you have a delicious massaged kale salad!